Excellence is the target, whether it is for your core business, your employees, your leadership, your partners, your contractors, or all of the above. Our main concern is to make you and your business excel. When are you a success? What is between you and excellence?



…We get to understand your project and its complexities. We discuss the execution of the project and identify potential risks and areas of concern. Together we will determine how best to challenge and rehearse. What makes your project unique? Which part of the plan are you concerned about? What is your main concern?



By challenging your unique project, focusing on the critical aspects and defining responsibilities we lead you to discover areas that needs attention. In the end, you will end up saving trouble and money. Would you like a useful list of initiatives to improve your project?



Daring to challenge your plan makes the difference between success and excellence.  When failure is not an option, simulation and rehearsal of the plan is the only alternative. Do you want to excel? Then let us start planning by planning a meeting with us.



The concept has shown to be very useful for de-risking civilian and commercial projects. Through simulation we visualize, rehearse and stress test the plan. From this you will get a clear view of the critical phases of the plan, a common understanding of the project and a list of exact recommendations for how to improve the plan. Would you like a useful list of initiatives to improve your project?


  • Is a physical activity, such as construction project or a logistical operation
  • Involves several actors
  • Has overlapping activities or interfaces
  • Requires cooperation between the actors

The project may be dynamic in nature with scope for “things to go wrong” potentially
leading to financially expensive delays, damages or health and safety incidents.


  • A risk assessed action list of outstanding actions and risks
  • An improved common understanding of the project
  • Identification of flaws in the plan
  • Requirements for coordination and interface management
  • Determination of unresolved issues and assumptions to the project that needs to be resolved
  • Identification of project risks and risk mitigation
  • Ways to improve the plan
The outcome of the RoC Drill is an improved common understanding of the project.

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Experience shows that the use of models and tools adds two extra dimensions to what is normally achieved through workshops; By rehearsing with models the participants get a realistic visual impression of the project and by using tools the participants will teach each other their respective interdependencies.

The use of models and tools

  • Provides an effective 3D simulation
  • Make discussions follow the natural flow of the project
  • Highlights interfaces between participants
  • Provides realism to discussions and constitutes a reality check
  • Make discussions visual, concrete and focused
  • Stimulates imagination and generates ideas
  • Visualizes opportunities and demonstrates conflicts

On top of this it is motivating and fun for the participants, which generates a high engagement in discussions.

The tools must be designed such that they have the key functionalities relevant for the desired discussions and they must be to scale.

The use of tools and models in a RoC drill is in particular powerful if they are used by the engineers and experts who are responsible for executing the real project. By the experts’ use of the models and tools in the simulation they show you what is in their heads, which in turn will show if there are parts of the plan that needs more attention.

The use of models and tools tends to drive discussions into a greater level of detail. Experience shows that it is not only the devil that lies in the detail, the profit does as well.
Models and tools can either be delivered by yourself or by us. Through dialogue KiNOD Consult specialises in designing and producing models and tools specific to your project… and they are of course yours to keep after the RoC drill.

Which models and tools would you require to simulate your project?


The Planning Exercise is a tailor-made rehearsal of a complex planning process; it could be the execution of a contingency plan, or an emergency plan. By exercising the critical phases of the plan your organisation will be better prepared to execute the plan. You will get a well-trained organisation ready to execute the plan effectively.

How has your organisation prepared for the execution of your plan?

KiNOD Consult has significant experience in exercise planning and provides tailor made exercises that will rehearse the planning teams ability to handle the specific planning process. The design of the exercise will be based on an analysis of the plan and the planning team. In addition to the planning team the exercise will include role players simulating all the relevant actors with which the planning team interacts in order to stimulate a realistic detailed planning process.


  • The rehearsal of a phased planning process
  • Strategic and operational level decision making
  • Budget planning and approval processes
  • Stakeholder management
  • Internal and external communication
  • Information management
  • Interface management
  • Health and safety
  • Logistical planning
  • Procurement processes
  • Legal assessments
  • Risk management
  • Environmental planning


  • Lessons learned to improve the plan
  • Improved knowledge of the plan within the organisation
  • Options to improve readiness to execute the plan
  • Increased experience in terms of project management of the plan and the decision-making process
  • Experienced project managers and key leadership
  • Improved organisational readiness for crisis management

Overall the exercise will strengthen cooperation across the organisation and improve readiness to handle complex planning situations on short notice. Conducting such an exercise is a limited investment that may prove very worthwhile if the situation occurs.



The following RoC drills and planning exercises have been delivered:

DONG Energy Wind Power – Gode Wind 1+2 Offshore Wind Farm:

  • RoC drill of the construction of a single complete offshore Wind Turbine Generator
  • Two RoC drills on the construction of the complete Gode Wind Offshore Wind Farm
  • RoC drill on the offshore commissioning and energization of the offshore substation.

Dong Energy Wind Power – Gunfleet Sands Offshore Wind Farm:

  • Project management exercise on the execution of a contingency plan for the handling of a failed cable on an offshore wind farm.

Dong Energy Wind Power – Burbo Extension Offshore Wind Farm:

  • Two RoC drills on the construction of a single Wind Turbine Generator
  • Two RoC drills on the construction of the complete Burbo Extension Offshore Wind Farm
  • A RoC drill on the load out and installation of the offshore substation topside and jacket from Hoboken harbour in Antwerpen, Belgium.
  • Two RoC drill on the offshore commissioning and energisation of the offshore substation.


DONG Energy Wind Power – Gode Wind 1+2 Offshore Wind Farm

Gode Wind 1&2 is a 582 MW offshore wind park project to be constructed in the North German waters in 2015-2016. The wind park is positioned approx. 45 km from shore with an average water depth of 32 m. The wind park includes 97 foundations and turbines, 2 substations, array cables and thereby multiple. To test the project construction schedule (transport, installation, commissioning, interfaces, handovers etc.) it was decided to do a ROC (Rehearsal Of Concept) Drill before the start of the construction.

To improve previously held similar rehearsals, the project contracted Kim Nødskov to develop, plan and execute ROC Drills for an offshore wind park. The final rehearsal scope for the Gode Wind project was 3 separate ROC Drill´s (I: one position, II: full park and III: several separate ROC Drills including contractors).

Kim Nødskov has in a very professional manor used his military ROC Drill knowledge/skills and transferred it to a commercial offshore wind turbine project. Kim Nødskov has in leading the transfer process, very fast captured the needed knowledge in a commercial business project, to both plan and execution of the three ROC Drills as Game Master on the Gode Wind project.

Furthermore Kim Nødskov has provided coaching and support to the planning team in order to meet the requirements for all ROC Drills.

The result for Gode Wind of executing ROC Drills is stress test of schedules, alignment of interfaces, Risk assessment, Health & Safety Environment assessment, insure implementation of lesson learned. Furthermore, the project gained a clear view on the split of responsibility between internal resources and external stakeholders.

The ROC Drill concept for testing the plan for larger construction projects can only be recommended.

Jens Poulsen, Deputy EPC Director, Gode Wind project

DONG Energy Wind Power – Planning Exercise – Gunfleet Sands Offshore Wind Farm.

Dong Energy Wind Power operational portfolio is growing. DONG is operating many kilometres of high voltage array and export cables, and the number of cables is going to increase substantially. While the assets are aging, the likelihood of cable fault is increasing. Cable faults will potentially stop wind turbines spinning for many days causing vast losses. To reduce the fault impact, a contingency plan for the handling of high voltage cable breakdowns has been prepared. However, we knew we needed to test the plan to see how it works in a real situation, and in order to improve DONG’s ability to handle a cable breakdown.

In May 2015 DONG Energy Wind Power Operations conducted an exercise at the Gunfleet Sands Wind Farm testing the contingency plan for how to handle a simulated breakdown of a high voltage array cable. I had the pleasure of working with Kim Nødskov over the course of 2 months preparing for the exercise. Kim is a fast thinker, grasps the business matters in Operations very well, is very professional and delivers high quality on time. The exercise was a great event and was well planned and executed. As a result of the exercise our organisation is now better prepared if a major cable fault occurs.

Overall, we are happy with the result of the exercise and definitely recommend getting Kim’s help in testing contingency plans for the handling of major breakdowns.

Rasa Krutulyte, Senior Asset Integrity Manager, DONG Energy Wind Power

Kim Nødskov

My name is Kim Nødskov. I am a military officer with more than 30 years of service in the Danish Armed Forces. I have served at all levels, from the tactical unit to the strategic headquarter. I have been responsible for several complex projects and have specialised in linking the strategic goals with practical execution. I am an operational planner and a proven effective leader. I have gained valuable experience as a commander and from working as the chief at various levels in large organisations.

I am a team player with a positive can-do attitude. I am honest and will always tell you what I think. I strive to apply common sense, to be practical and to have an open mind. I am disciplined and will always deliver high quality products on time.

Curriculum Vitae

Mar 2017   Staff Officer Strategic Development Branch, Joint C4ISR.

Feb 2017   CEO and owner of KiNOD Consult ApS.

Oct 2014    Deputy Section Chief, Strategic Plans and Coordination, Joint Defence Command Denmark.

Oct 2014    CEO and owner of KN Advisory (transitioned into KiNOD Consult).

Aug 2011    Staff Officer Air, Special Operations Branch, Defence Command Denmark.

Aug 2010    Staff Officer, Strategy, Plans and Transition Branch, Provincial Reconstruction Team Helmand, Lashkar Gah, Helmand Province, Afghanistan.

Jan 2010    Major, Staff Officer, Expeditionary Air Staff, Royal Danish Air Force.

Jan 2010    Published “The Long March to Power; The New Historic Mission of The People’s Liberation Army”.

Sep 2007    Author of a book on the modernisation of the Chinese military.

Oct 2006    Leave.

Jun 2006    Attended part of US Air War College, Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama, USA.

Jul 2005      Chief Operational Capability Branch, Tactical Air Command Denmark.

Jul 2004      Chief Plans Department, Tactical Air Command, Denmark.

May 2003    Lt. Col., Assistant Chief of Staff Current Operations Division, Tactical Air Command, Denmark.

Jul 2000    Deputy Chief Plans Section, NATO Air Component Command North.

Jun 1997    Major, Chief Exercise Branch, Tactical Air Command Denmark.

Aug 1996    Senior Staff Officers Course, Joint Defence Academy.

Oct 1995     Commander, 534 Squadron, Karup.

Jul 1993      Staff Officer, Exercise branch, Tactical Air Command Denmark.

Nov 1992    Commander, 532 Squadron, Odense.

Jun 1992     Captain, Deputy Commander, 532 Squadron, Odense.

Aug 1991     Junior Staff Officers Course, Royal Danish Air Force Academy.

Jan 1991      Junior Staff Officers Course, Royal Danish Defence Academy.

Jun 1987     First Lieutenant, Tactical Control Officer, 532 Squadron, Odense.

Mar 1984    Royal Danish Air Force Officers Academy, Tactical Control Officer.

Okt 1983     Sergeant, Royal Danish Army Artillery Regiment, Skive.

Apr 1983    Non Commissioned Officer School, Varde.

Jan 1983     Private, Royal Danish Army Artillery Regiment, Skive.


2016  PRINCE2 Foundation certificate in Project management

2016 PRINCE2 Practitioner certificate in Project Management

Major achievements

2014        Author of multinational Composite Special Operations Component Command Study.

2013        Organisational study of a Danish Special Operations Command.

2012        Author of vision for the development of a Joint Command and Control network.

2011        ISAF, Afghanistan, Co-author of the international Helmand Plan 2011-2014.

2006       Conceptual development of air force support to special operations.

1997 – 2007    Chairman Danish Air Force Doctrine Development Group.

1999        Led Planning Team on Danish F-16 participation in Operation Allied Force, Kosovo.

1995        Conceptualized and planned Exercise Cooperative Jaguar, the first Partnership for Peace Air Exercise in NATO.


2013    Book: “Den strategiske betydning af Kina som kommende militær stormagt”. Kapitel 13 i “Kinas Sikkerhedspolitik; Stabilitet og spændinger”.
Bertel Heurlin (Red.) Jurist og Økonomiforbundet, maj 2013.

2011    30 minute interview to TV2 News on Chinese military modernisation.

2010     Book: The Long March to Power, The New Historic Mission of The People’s Liberation     Army, Forsvarsakademiet, January 2010 – (Download).

2010    Article: Kina – Forsvarsbudgettet øges stadig, marts 2010, Ræson 2. årgang, nr. 6.

2009    Radio interviews to DR P1, Chinese military modernisation.

2008    Article: Hangarskibe – Kinas vej til stormagtsstatus, Forsvarsakademiet, april 2008.

2005    Article: Air Power – Fremtidens Udfordringer, Militært Tidsskrift årgang 134, nr. 2, 2005, (s. 160-169).

2002    Article: Militær Strategi, Militært Tidskrift, 131. årgang, nr. 3, juli 2002, (s. 334 – 352).

2000     Article: Systematizing Effects Based Air Operations, Air Chronicles Online Journal, US Air War College, May 2000.



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